Turtle Creek Watershed District's Board of Managers

Board meetings of the Turtle Creek Watershed District are at 5:00 PM on the third Tuesday of every month. Meetings are held in the City of Hollandale and Riceland Township Government Center at 110 W. Park Ave. in Hollandale.
Board members, who server three-year terms, are appointed by their county's board of commissioners. Four board members are from Freeborn County; one member is from Mower County.
twcd board 2024 photo

TCWD Board  (Left to right)

James Fett - Administrator                       

Michelle O'Connor - Chair                               (term ends Nov. 2024)

Jeff Ravenhorst - Member                            (term ends Nov. 2026)

Nancy Finley - Recording Secretary (staff)

Jon ErichsonTreasurer                                 (term ends Nov. 2025)

Pete Van Erkel - Secretary                                   (term ends Nov. 2026)

Dave Vanderploeg - Vice Chair            (term ends Nov. 2025)