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Tired of farming around your drainage?

The Mower SWCD has teamed up with the Cedar River and

Turtle Creek Watershed Districts to provide cost-share for

Rock Intakes. 

$800 incentive per inlet. 


For more information, contact:

Steve Lawler, Steve.lawler@mowerswcd.org or
Cody Fox, cody.fox@mowerswcd.org

1408 21st Ave. SW
Austin, MN 55912

   link  Beaver Bounty

The Turtle Creek Watershed Beaver bounty has been

a successful program to this point.  The board has devoted significant resources to encourage beaver control through the beaver bounty.  Due to the increased trapping activity, the District is asking trappers to identify the areas on the watershed map where these beaver are being trapped.  The District has also provided a Beaver Bounty Request form, which can be used to track your trapping activity and allow for efficient tracking and payment by the District.  Applicants may fill out these forms electronically or print off and fill out. Invoice

can be submitted by mail, email or provided at the

time of presenting the tails. All Tails must be

witnessed by Watershed staff or board members to qualify for the bounty.

For questions on the trapping program, please contact Steve Lawler at 507 434-2603 or


   link  County Tackles Flooding Issue

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                Turbidity & Excess Nutrients 1/09-

                Cedar River Basin

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